There is nothing quite like the extement of presenting an honoured colleague, team mate, relative or friend with a caricature to mark a special event!

As a special presentation or trophy, it will be treasured and appreciated far more than an engraved plate or standard silver trophy on a mock marble plinth.


My presentation caricatures are not a grotesque distortion of the subject, rather, they are an affectionate look at the funny side of his/her personality. The piece relies for its humour on placing them in amusng surroundings and situations appropriate to their personality and hobbies.

The caricatures can be hand coloured or coloured on computer. These days I have far more call for the computer generated prints for a few reasons:

1. I provide an original pencil rough to make sure I have a good likeness (a caricature from a photo is only as good as the photo itself)

2. The caricature can be accurately reprinted for members of the family or friends who might want a keepsake.

3. I provide, free of charge, a CD with the computer image in high resolution and low resolution in several print formats so that it can be used on Facebook, websites, stationery, business cards etc.

All caricatures come mounted and framed in a silver, gold or black frame, ready to hang on the wall all for the low comprehensive cost.

Prices for caricatures will vary according to the detail and size of the piece, of course, but as an example, this caricature was 210mm wide by 297mm high, when mounted and framed, the eventual size was 305mm wide by 406mm high.

The cost, mounted, framed, with the extras and GST was $242.00


© 2011 Roger Fletcher


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