STARIA is the beautiful and sexy captain of a FIPKO patrol ship called Venus III. With her incredible combat skills and a talent for getting out of sticky situations, she battles evil aliens and intergalactic outlaws of all descriptions.

She has a crew of three mavericks under her command. Her first officer is KRU, a formidable Dromad warrior with wings and the head of an ancient bird of prey. Her  navigator and medical officer is DOCTOR UMBO, a hard drinking sophisticate whose career was on a downward spiral until he had the incredible good fortune to be taken under the wing of a young captain who saved him from a life that was headed towards dissolution. And the final, and unofficial, member of her crew is HORRY, one of very few surviving members of a race of telepaths. Many still believe that such creatures do not exist.

When STARIA saved his life, HORRY became instantly devoteed to her - a devotion that sometimes borders on the pathalogical.


STARIA and her crew have a knack for finding trouble, even in the vastness of space. On constant patrol for FIPKO (the famed FEDERATION of INTERGALACTIC PEACE KEEPING ORGANISATIONS) they become embroiled in some of the most dangerous, outrageous... And sometimes , silliest adventures in print.

Occasionally even real people become involved in the fictional lives of our characters. The outrageous country rock band,THE WOLVERINES were the subject of one story, the real life members of a triking club became the unwitting heroes of another, and recently, Brendan Jones and Amanda Keller (WSFM's morning radio stars, JONESY and AMANDA) got up to some hilarious hijinks when STARIA and her crew had to travel back in tme to stop them being killed by a Droid Assassin!


You can follow the adventures in Sydney's Daily Telegraph... And soon you'll be able to follow them here!


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