Raised in the flint-hard hills of Aquionia, TORKAN was born into a warrior clan in a time of shadows, smoke and war. At six, he could shoot a bow and arrow, at ten he could hold a broadsword and by the age of sixteen, there was not a man in his domain that he couldn’t best in any of the martial disciplines.   

The world he lived in was brutal. Savage tribes roamed the land. Warrior kings held their realms by force of arms and wizards with extraordinary powers plied their weirdling trade from hidden fortresses. Sea monsters waited for unwary sailors. Dragons puffed their sulphureous breath in dark forests and deep caverns. It was a time of incredible danger and high adventure.  

Into this troubled domain, one man rode alone. His sword was for hire, but not to the highest bidder, for his warriors’ code of honour bade him fight only for the protection of the right.  

The bards still sing of his courage against the firecats of Goroth, of how he protected a family of dragons and so saved the kingdom of Jerasi. They still tell the tales of the love he bore for Leila, the tiger queen and of how he saved the last unicorn. Yes and the stories of his epic battles against sorcery - the greatest evil of his time - are still told when the fires bank low and the stars are bright in the sky. 

His judgement was often rash, he was ever a fool when it came to a pretty face and though he could stand against impossible odds in combat, he was often the victim of treachery.  

This then was TORKAN, a consummate warrior whose sense of justice frequently led him into the path of incredible peril with nothing but his strong right arm and a mighty northern broadsword to protect the vulnerable from tyranny.







The adventure fantasy hero, TORKAN first appeared in The Sunday Telegraph in June 1976 and has been a firm favourite with readers ever since. There have been more than seventy Torkan stories published in that time and the well isn’t dry yet!


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